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Employment Starter Bundle (Checkout Discount)

You're buying the course, why not buy the Employment Starter Bundle to get all the documents you need to hire your first employee.

Our templates are simple and easy to use. Simply purchase and plug and play with the relevant details for your business and your people.

Our templates save time and worry, making legally protecting your business simpler and more cost effective. 

Included in the Employment Starter Bundle is a Full Time Employment contract and HR Policies for Disciplinary, Grievance, Privacy for Employee Data (all legal requirements), as well as Health & Safety and Equality and Diversity policies (recommended).

*If you require a different contract you can choose from Director, Part Time, Fixed Term or Zero Hours contracts - please get in touch and we will grant you access to the contract you need.*

The Employment Starter Bundle is currently priced at £247. As you're purchasing this course from us, add this today for just £125. (This is an exclusive checkout offer so you can't purchase for this price anywhere else on our site). 

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Scaling Your Business - The Course


Whether you're just starting out or you've been in business for a while this course is going to show you the ways you can increase your revenue in your business. The collaborations and affiliate partnerships section will be so powerful and potentially quite quick to implement. The other sections will be vital for you if you are thinking about expanding but you don't know how. 

This mini course includes five training videos from Lucy and guest expert Andrew Hall from Pondcroft Consulting, a specialist in HR and Business consulting.

The videos cover the key considerations for when you are ready to scale your business, how and when to engage freelancers and contractors, how and when to take on direct employees, how to run affiliate programs and partnerships and how to work in collaboration arrangements with other businesses.

Also in included is a guidance document outlining the costs associated with the different options for growing your team.

In this short course, you will:

  1. See a breakdown of the costs associated with engaging contractors on different types of arrangements, as well as the costs associated with becoming an employer and taking on direct employees;
  2. Get an overview of the key considerations for you as a business owner when you are considering whether you are ready to scale your business and grow your team to achieve this;
  3. Understand how and when you should engage freelancers or contractors in your business, and the pros and cons of this type of resource;
  4. Understand how and when you can become an employer and hire direct employees into your business, the different types of contract available to achieve this, and the pros and cons with direct employment. 
  5. Understand how you can use affiliate agreements or partnerships to increase revenue;
  6. Understand how and when you might use collaboration arrangements to increase revenue.

1. You are purchasing an online training course this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the course is not to be construed as legal advice.

2. On successfully completing your purchase you will gain instant access to this digital product. As a result, we will not provide a refund if you change your mind. However, we will grant access to an alternative product at the same or a lesser price. Email [email protected] for support.