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How To Stop The Copycat – The Course 

Have you ever been copied? Are you worried about sharing your amazing ideas and products with the world in case someone copies them? 

Learn how to quickly and simply protect your business assets AND how to stop copycats. 

Complete with example cease and desist wording, you'll get a simple, actionable step by step guide to understanding what you can protect in your business and how. 

How to Stop the Copycat is currently priced at £99. As you're purchasing a template from us, add this today for just £37. (This is an exclusive checkout offer so you can't purchase for this price anywhere else on our site). 

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Refunds, Rights and Responses

This product is a MUST HAVE for any entrepreneur. 

Refunds can feel complicated as there are a lot of different pieces of legislation which might apply and a number of different variables. This product aims to make the process simple and clear to follow by using a flow diagram. Plus, the email template responses will provide confidence and streamline the process of responding to requests for refunds or payment failures. 

The Refunds, Rights and Responses toolkit gives you a simple guide to determine whether or not you are required to give a refund to a customer, as well as providing example responses for you to use.

PART ONE: The product includes a refunds flowchart, which will take you through a series of questions to determine whether or not you are legally required to give a refund in your specific circumstances.

PART TWO: We have included a series of example email responses which you can amend easily to deal with the refund request directly, without the effort and stress of having to draft a response from scratch or take separate legal advice for each case. These responses can be used in instances where clients/customers request a refund or where clients stop paying part way through an agreement. The templates include draft email responses for you to copy and paste if a client: 

  • Raises a complaint
  • Says you haven't delivered your services properly
  • Asks for a refund after accessing all of your course material or a digital product
  • Wants a refund for an event ticket

It also includes a series of emails to support you if:

  • A monthly payment bounces 
  • A client gets in touch and says they can't pay you
  • Clients stop paying and stop responding to messages

Plus, there's also guidance on how to navigate a client leaving a contract early so that you negotiate a fair exit. There are some particularly important considerations if they are part of a group programme.

We are of the view that given that this product could be used for refund requests of any value, the worth of having this product to your business is considerable and therefore, you should not let the low price point suggest that this is not a valuable product. It will be extremely valuable for you, supporting you to save time and money in your business. However, it is our aim to support as many entrepreneurs in the UK as possible to get affordable legal support and that core value shapes our price point for this product.



  1. You are purchasing a template document this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice.

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