The Professional Services Bundle


This bundle has been created for online business owners who provide professional services. The contract can easily be personalised by you to reflect the services you offer.

The professional services bundle is suitable for those providing professional services in any industry such as online/virtual coaching sessions. Included is a worked example contract for a Copywriter or Copywriting offering with suggested clauses and bespoke content for this type of service.

The bundle contains a template 1:1 services contract for you to send to clients outlining the terms of your services.

The bundle contains terms of use for your website including:

  • A GDPR compliant Privacy Policy

  • Intellectual Property clause

  • Disclaimers

  • Sales terms including purchase terms, cancellation terms and refund policies, including wording for digital downloads

  • Cookies Policy

This template is suitable for online business owners who provide the majority of their services online.

You are purchasing a template document this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice.