The Dog Expert Bundle



What better way to boost your business than to legally protect it?


If you're an animal professional, we would love to support you with your legal terms and conditions.


This  bespoke bundle has been created in collaboration with experts in the dog professional industry to make sure it offers you the protection you need in your dog pro business. 


Protect Your Business TODAY


If you've ever worried about not getting paid, getting asked for a refund or having people question your expert status as a business owner then having a set of clear and concise terms and conditions are just the thing you need.

When you purchase these terms you will get:

  1. A set of terms designed for dog industry professionals - covering deliverables, refund terms, what happens if a pet is ill or the weather is bad (what constitutes bad weather?), when to pay etc. There are different templates within the bundle for behavourists, trainers, walkers and sitters. It is anticipated that you will use one of the templates but if you offer multiple services you may use more.
  2. A set of sales and refunds terms designed for the sale of physical and digital products, e.g. dog biscuits or educational e-books. 
  3. Website terms and conditions
  4. A GDPR compliant privacy policy
Purchase the bundle for £397



is the time to ... 

Stop feeling anxious about the legal elements of running a business

Stop feeling like you're out of your depth, or like you're not running a proper business.

Stop feeling worried about making legal mistakes that could make you look like an amateur and impact your reputation or damage your relationship with your clients




Forget that feeling of being overwhelmed when you just don’t know where to start

For far too long legally protecting your business has been too expensive, too difficult to understand and also a little bit scary.

Not any more.

Lucy Legal is here to help you wave goodbye to any overwhelming feelings and help you start doing business with more confidence.

Dog Expert Bundle


You'll get ...

  • A set of terms to cover your services
  • Website terms, a cookies policy and a privacy policy
  • A checklist to guide you on what other legal things you may need
  • Peace of mind that you are covering off the legal side of your business

“All too often entrepreneurs skip the legal stuff because it feels hard, or scary, or complicated - or all three.


At Lucy Legal we work with entrepreneurs from a huge variety of industries and we've been able to give them reassurance with our legal templates and courses. We've supported hundreds of service providers to get clear on their terms and conditions, get paid on time and in the process give a professional edge to their services. 

Purchasing our terms and conditions means you get this part of your legal protection sorted.

All too often “sort legal stuff” stays on people’s to-do lists and they put it off because they don’t really know where to start.

Instead of spending hours trying to work things out on your own is not a good use of time which is so precious as an entrepreneur. 

Get Legally Protected TODAY