One thing that stops entrepreneurs from feeling truly confident is protecting their intellectual property- this is why I created this course



They worry that they will be copied and won't know what to do next


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The good news is you don't have to spend time worrying about this. You can simply protect your business and your intellectual property. It's much simpler, quicker and easier than you may think. 






This mini course includes nine training videos and supporting workbooks and materials in which Lucy takes you through a detailed tutorial about how to apply for a trademark, how to protect your business's original ideas and assets, and how to protect your intellectual property form infringement or misuse.

What do our clients say?

Our clients love our work just as much as we do:


"Lucy is absolutely incredible - she makes the legal side of business a lot less scary"

"Genuinely helpful and friendly. Didn't know lawyers could be so frank!"

"I cannot thank [her] enough and I now feel confident about starting my business in the right way, being legitimate and knowing how to mitigate against potential situations arising".


What’s Involved? 

In this course, you will:

  1. Learn what constitutes Intellectual Property;
  2. Learn about when you should use NDAs and Licensing or White Labelling arrangements;
  3. See examples of what you should do, say, and send if someone infringes on your intellectual property;
  4. Get a step by step guide to applying for a trademark and what details you need to consider and provide when seeking you mark.

“This is a great opportunity for business owners to be taken step by step through the legalities of brand protection.

Often when we sell online so it's really important to be able to create trust and protect our assests from being copied. We can also leverage our IP to create more income and use different agreements to protect our business- this short course helps you to do just that."

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Leverage Your IP


Top features

  • Instant access to nine simple-to-follow training videos from Lucy Legal 
  • Supporting workbooks in which Lucy covers the fundamental elements of brand protection 
  • A detailed tutorial about how to apply for a trademark,
  • Examples of what you should do, say, and send if someone infringes on your intellectual property
Frequently Asked Questions


Please be aware that this mini-course will include information only. No bespoke advice will be given.