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Whenever you think about the legal aspects of your business do you start to feel overwhelmed? You know that you need to put certain policies in place - Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy - and there are other issues which you know will come up and you really want to get yourself the right protection - Copyright, Refunds, Disclaimers - but where do you start?

This site will help you navigate your current legal minefield, make the issues simpler and clearer to understand and help you to work out what protection to put in place for your business.

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a full-time lawyer working in London, but she’s not a stuffy lawyer who uses big words and over-complicates issues. Lucy prides herself on taking legal problems and finding the simplest, most effective solutions.


What to look for in a contract

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"As a business owner we pour our heart and soul into our businesses. It’s my passion to help you protect your passion as simply and cost effectively as possible"

— Lucy Wheeler

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The Story Behind Lucy Legal

When you put your heart and soul into something you want to make sure it’s protected. As a lawyer Lucy was finding she was getting asked similar questions from people who wanted to protect their online business relationships and ensure that the work they created was protected too. As both an online business owner and blogger Lucy felt that there wasn’t clear information about what legal protection an online business really needs and when it should be put in place.

Lucy knows that the legal world can seem daunting and overwhelming and so she has created a place where she can break-down some of the commonly faced problems and help direct bloggers and business owners to the resources they need.