Do I Need A Trade Mark?

I've created a FREE, easy to follow cheat-sheet which walks you through what you need to know:

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Protect Your Brand with a

Trade Mark

Wahoo! I am so excited that you’re looking to protect your business. There is nothing more upsetting than working hard to create something for your business and then someone copying your idea.

The good news is that there are ways that you can protect your business with a trade mark and with clear Intellectual Property protection clauses. It’s also important that once you have the protection systems in place you know how to enforce them to protect your business.


Trade Marks- The Fully Managed Application Service

Obtaining a trade mark for your business is an incredible business asset. To apply you need to research and complete the relevant background checks, choose the relevant class and draft the class specification, complete the registration and pay the fee and then respond to any questions raised by the IPO.

As you can imagine, every trade mark application is unique so it’s important that we speak first before starting the application. We offer a complete trade mark service to handle the process for you.

  • Firstly take some initial information from you about what you would like to protect/trade mark. We do some initial checks before getting started in case the trade mark you want is already taken.

  • Then, we have a short call to gain some information and how your business works and how you need to protect it.

  • Then it’s over to us and we complete all of the above steps on your behalf and provide updates at key stages.



How much does it cost to protect my business with a trademark?

Our fees as of 1st April 2024 are fixed at £550 plus VAT (£660 VAT inclusive), this includes completion of all of the background checks and discovery searches across the EUIPO and also the WIPO, consideration of the appropriate classes, drafting the class specification and filing for the trade mark and managing the application over the four months.


The IPO fees are additional to our fees. They start at £170/£200 which includes one class and then each additional class is £50. On average most people need two classes, so IPO fees are likely to be in the region of £250.

To learn more about the process and to view our Terms and Conditions before booking, please click on the button below

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Here’s what Matthew Williams said after using our Done For Your Trade Mark Service:


I worked with Lucy Legal recently to secure a trade mark for my business and can highly recommend the service. Lucy explained my options clearly at the start, and the service provided throughout was second-to-none, with regular updates along the way to the successful granting of my trade mark. Thank you very much Lucy for supporting me to achieve this important milestone for my business


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How do I apply for a trademark with Lucy Legal?


If you are looking to get a trade mark for your business using our done-for-you service, the first step is to complete the application form below.

Once you have filled in your details and described what it is you would like to trade mark, you will be redirected to the call scheduler to book in for your discovery call with Lucy.

To complete your booking, please make sure you fill out your details on the form, as well as booking a call slot with Lucy. The form will automatically redirect you upon submission so please stay on the page.


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Here’s what Lydia Leyland, Founder of global membership site We Got You Boo, had to say about obtaining her trade mark:


“Lucy has been a lifesaver for our start-up. She provided epic support on making sure our new online platform covers all legal grounds, which is so so important (+ something I imagined would be really stressful!). Lucy honestly made this process so easy + fun. Yep… Legals were FUN. Would recommend this amazing lady to everybody!”


Not ready for our fully-managed service?

We have a briliant DIY course which takes you through the process of applying for your trade mark in the UK. By the end of the course, you'll have clarity on which classes to apply for and how to submit your application.





Five mini training videos where you will be taken step by step through the application process of how to file for a trade mark. 

Apply for your trade mark in 5 simple steps

5 Mini Training Videos

The confidence to apply for your trade mark


The Detail: What’s Involved?

During this mini-course you will:

  • Module One: Decide what you want to trade mark and establish whether you can by law trade mark that name or idea

  • Module Two: Find out how to check for the availability of a mark and ensure no-one else has already registered

  • Module Three: Choose the class and draft the class specification

  • Module Four: Have a step-by-step video guide to file for your trade mark

  • Module Five: Understand how to manage any objections from the IPO and how to protect your trade mark when granted from others copying you.

  • Have a step by step process which you can use straight away or come back to next time you want to register for a trade mark for any course, programme or mastermind.

Do I Need A Trade Mark?

I've created a FREE, easy to follow cheat-sheet which walks you through what you need to know:


☑️What is a trade mark?


☑️Are trade marks and copyright the same thing?


☑️What you can register (and what you can't)?


☑️When you need to apply for a trade mark?


☑️What happens if you leave it too late?

A short, easy to follow cheat-sheet

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