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Get all of the legal elements of running a business sorted with legal templates designed to suit your business. Our templates are created specifically for entrepreneurs to help them feel more confident that their business is protected.

Our aim at Lucy Legal is to provide business owners with legal support which is Accessible, Affordable and Approachable. With our legal templates we do just that, delivering template documents for you to personalise for your business.

Our legal templates are easy to use and personalise for your business.

Each legal templates comes as a Word document with highlighted sections for you to complete and make specific to the way you operate. You also receive a PDF workbook with guidance about the template.

We have a number of different legal templates for entrepreneurs and small business owners which you can buy individually or bundled up to make it more cost effective.

Our legal contracts and terms and conditions have been created to make life simpler for you. We have general legal templates and also templates which have been created for specialist professionals.

We have templates for coaches, nutritionists, graphic designers, wellness professionals, cake makers and many more.

One of our core aims is to make legally protecting your business more affordable and so we have bundles of documents for those starting out and those who want to get everything in place right from the start. Simply hit one of the FOUR coloured boxes below to view the templates or scroll to the bottom of this page to shop the whole template shop.

If you can’t see what you need send us an email - [email protected] - we are happy to create template documents and add to those we already have.

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I’m just starting out - Congratulations!

Take a look at Get Legit® Legal Essentials this has clauses covering all of the key things: terms of sale, refunds, cancellations, returns, disclaimers, limitation of liability, cookies policy and privacy policy. Get Legit The Starter Kit has all of the same documents as the Essentials but also includes a Standard Terms document which is the document you will send to clients as it sets out the way in which you will deliver your services.

I want to ensure I cover everything - Take a look at the Luxe Collection bundles. They are bespoke documents for coaches in different industries and include key contracts and terms documents including membership terms, course terms and NDAs.

Which is your most popular template - Our most popular bundle is the Course and Membership Bundle.

Get Legit® - Legal Essentials


The Course & Membership Bundle


The Business Coaching Bundle - Luxe


The Wellness Coaching Bundle - Luxe


The Soul-Led Coaching Bundle - Luxe


The Handcrafted Business Bundle


The Cake Business Bundle


The Dance School Bundle - Luxe


The Coaching Bundle


Standard Terms of Business


Legal Essentials for Beauty Businesses


Freelancer Agreement


The Professional Services Bundle


Non-Disclosure Agreement


The Coaching Agreement


Contract For Services


Terms for Events Professionals


Terms for Social Media Managers


Terms for Virtual Assistants