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Do you feel like legal is another language?

You want to get legally protected but you're not sure what you need to get starter, grow or scale?


If so, you're in the right place.


We've combined our service provider contract with our key legal documents so that you can get results quicker and easier all in one bundle

Introducing Our Luxe Bundle

The documents inside of The Luxe Service Provider Bundle are tailored to you, with bespoke contracts and agreements that suit the role of a service provider.

 The bundle covers all of your offerings from 1:1 work to courses and memberships.

Take a look at what's included in our

Luxe Service Provider Bundle below:

To make sure the essentials are covered and your business has solid legal foundations, your luxe bundle includes:

  • Website terms, including intellectual property clauses, disclaimers and cookies policy
  • Terms of Sale, including refunds policy, cancellations and digital download clauses
  • GDPR compliant Privacy Statement & Data Processing Agreement
  • Short-Form Standard Terms of Business
  • Bespoke Service Provider Agreement to deliver your services
  • Podcast/Content Release Form
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Competition Terms and Conditions.

To support you in scaling up and growing your business the bundle also includes:

  • Course Terms and Conditions
  • Membership terms and Conditions
  • Affiliate Agreement
  • Collaboration Agreement
  • Mastermind and High Ticket Group Programme Agreement
  • Event and Retreat Terms and Conditions
  • Quarterly checklist to help you stay legit as your business grows.

Almost every single entrepreneur feels a little out of their depth with legal documents. That's we created "Drafting Notes" which are included in every document bundle.

You'll find a short PDF of guidance notes within the bundle to support you to edit and personalise your template documents to suit the way you run your business.

The guidance notes explain which parts of the template you should amend and which parts you definitely shouldn't alter as those clauses are legally required.

The bundle also offers great value for money, and a huge discount compared to buying the documents separately.  Included in the bundle are the following documents which retail on our website as individual items as follows:

  • Website Terms and Conditions £97
  • Sales Terms and Conditions £97
  • Privacy Statement £97
  • Data Processing Agreement £47
  • Standard Terms of Sale £97
  • Service Provider Agreement £197
  • Podcast/content release Form £47
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement £47
  • Competition T&Cs £47
  • Course and Membership T&Cs £197
  • Affiliate Agreement £147
  • Collaboration Agreement £147
  • Mastermind Agreement £197
  • Event and Retreat T&Cs £147
  • Total value of individual docs: £1,608


You can get all of this with a Luxe Bundle for just £1,195, saving of £413 compared to when purchased separately, and you can also spread the cost over a 5 month payment plan at no extra cost.

The Luxe Service Provider Bundle

£1195 or 5 monthly payments of £239

This bundle has been created for professional service providers who offer services such as creative, marketing (including social media), business strategy, financial or graphic design support. 

The service provision contract included in the bundle is a comprehensive contract covering all elements of your service delivery and comes with example clauses bespoke to professional service providers.


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Whichever service you provide, we've got a bundle to support you to get results today