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Find out the 3 bespoke legal steps you need to take right now, to take your business to the next level


As a business owner some of the most important balls that you juggle are the legal ones.


Get the legal stuff right and you’ll get paid on time and protect your business.


Drop one of the legal balls and you could be faced with copycats, refund requests or legal action. 


BUT it really doesn’t have to be that way.


 Unlike elements of your business like launches or product releases which you can plan and create a schedule for, legal issues can pop up any time. They're more likely to arise if you haven't put the proper protection in place beforehand.


Working out how to do that by yourself is likely to take you weeks, most likely months, as you try and piece things together yourself, and you'll still worry that you haven't done it properly.


Or, you could let us help you highlight your blind spots and show you the simple, easy ways to protect your business.


You don't need to open your emails on a weekend because your worried a client might have complained or defaulted. Legal protection gives you confidence and comfort.




We've created a quick and simple way for you to find the holes in your business so that you can stop worrying about the legal side of running a business.


Take our quiz and get support tailored to your answers, that you can take immediately to powerfully protect your business.


Once you've completed the quiz, we'll share with you 3 bespoke steps you need to put in place to take your business to the next level and create your most successful year yet.

Lucy is a UK qualified solicitor who specialises in supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Lucy knows how challenging legal can be for business owners and is on a mission to make legal more accessible and easy to implement. 


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