One thing that stops entrepreneurs from showing up confidently is the fear of being exposed; of receiving a complaint or worse a refund request



They worry that they aren't good enough and that someone will buy from them and everything will come tumbling down. Some entrepreneurs worry about being sued and not only losing money but losing their reputation too. 



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The good news is you don't have to spend time worrying about this. You can simply protect your business and your clients and confidently show up and sell your products and services. It's much simpler, quicker and easier than you may think. 





Two training videos to support you to sell in accordance with UK legislation

Clear, terms and conditions which are compliant with the law

A summary of which sales tactics are illegal and which aren't but work even better

Simple and clear information about when you have to provide a refund and when you don't



A crucial tip that many entrepreneurs miss that you can add easily to your business which without it could mean you have to provide a refund even if you've delivered all of the services

What do our clients say?

Our clients love our work just as much as we do:


"Lucy is absolutely incredible - she makes the legal side of business a lot less scary"

"Genuinely helpful and friendly. Didn't know lawyers could be so frank!"

"I cannot thank [her] enough and I now feel confident about starting my business in the right way, being legitimate and knowing how to mitigate against potential situations arising".


What’s Involved? 

In this two-part course, you will:

  1. Get clear on the key terms which you MUST legally have in place and use in your business.
  2. Get clarity on what to do when faced with a refund request.
  3. Understand which sales terms you can and cannot use when selling online (HINT: A lot of what you may see on social media is not permitted) We share what you can use to make you AND your customers feel more confident.
 You'll also get a really handy guide to manage refund requests so that you can confidently and quickly respond.

“This is a great opportunity for business owners to be taken step by step through the legalities of selling online.

Often when we sell through social media our buys have never met us so it's really important to be able to create trust and show that you are a legitimate business owner. Consumers are savvy, now more than ever, they know their rights and you need to know them too. You need to confidently sell and this short course helps you to do just that."

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Top features

  • Instant access to two simple-to-follow training videos from Lucy Legal 
  • Information relating to key sales terms such as disclaimers, refunds, returns and cancellations
  • A refund flow chart so that you are clear on when you do and don't legally need to provide a refund
  • A much quicker and simpler way to ensure that you have legally got the terms and conditions you need in place than trying to work it all out yourself
Frequently Asked Questions


Please be aware that this mini-course will include information only. No bespoke advice will be given.