One big reason entrepreneurs don't share their expertise with the world is because they are worried about someone copying it. 



They don't want to go to all of the effort of creating something wonderful, for someone to swoop in, copy the idea and pass it off as their own, or worse, tweak it and make it better than the original. 



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The good news is you don't have to spend time worrying about this. You can protect your business and your ideas from copycats and in doing so feel much more confident about getting your message out there. 





4 videos to support your understanding

Practical steps you can take to protect your business

Example wording including a cease & desist letter

The Detail: What’s Involved?


In this four-part course, you will:

  1. Discover the legal ways you can protect your business' intellectual property and as well as learning what copyright is, you'll get an introduction to trade marks, patents and trade secrets.
  2. Learn what copyright actually means and how you can use it to protect your business, whether you're a sole trader or a limited company.
  3. The legal things you need to get in place to protect your business from copycats.
  4. What to do, the practical steps, if you discover someone is copying you.
You'll also get a document with example wording that you can use to stop copycats in their tracks, including an example cease and desist letter, should you need it.

“This is a great opportunity for business owners to be taken step by step through the legal ways to protect yourself from copycats.

Having the correct brand protection is key. In this short course, I'll walk you through what to do if you find out that someone is copying you as well as proving example wording for a cease and desist letter so you feel prepared should the worst happen."

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How To Stop The Copycat


Top features

  • Instant access to 4 training videos from Lucy Legal
  • Example wording including a cease and desist letter
  • Feel more confident about protecting your business from copycats
Frequently Asked Questions


Please be aware that this mini-course will include information only. No bespoke advice will be given.

Please also be aware that the Intellectual Property Office and other organisations do run free workshops around trademarks and brand protections should that suit your business needs better at this time.