Data Processing Agreement


This agreement is a must have for any business that shares personal data with third parties as part of your business operations.

It is a legal requirement under UK GDPR to have a data processing agreement in place whenever a data controller instructs a data processor to process data on its behalf.

This means that anytime you engage a third party service provider who will have access to, and a requirement to process, your personal data, you should have in place a DPA alongside the Services Agreement with the Service Provider.

Activities that are classed as processing data can be as trivial as sending email to a mailing list, conducting web analytics, or even storing personal data on external servers.

As a Data Controller under UK GDPR, you are responsible not only for compliance with the legislation in respect of your systems and processes, but also the compliance of your Processors. This agreement contains all of the minimum required terms as stipulated in Article 28 of UK GDPR, and outlines in detail how your Processors must handle your personal data to remain compliant with the legislation. If a Personal Data Breach occurs involving your personal data with one of your service providers and you do not have a DPA in place, then you are likely to be investigated and potentially fined by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Get compliant with your Data Processing activities today.

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