Imagine if you could have the legal support you needed at your fingertips

As a business owner with lots of plates to spin, you don't really have time to waste by searching through Google looking for the answers to your legal problems. And then when you find the answers, how are you to know that you've come to the right conclusion?

There is just so much information out there, how can you possibly know all of the rules and regulations?

What if there was a shortcut?

There is.

Join over 50 passionate entrepreneurs inside the ONLY legal membership of this kind.

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Does any of this sound like you?

  • You're worried about getting refund requests, people complaining or asking questions about your contracts;

  • You want to do things properly in your business but you're not exactly sure what that looks like;

  • You know that the legal stuff is important but you just don't know where to start and you are worried about getting it wrong;


  • Perhaps you've heard about people getting sued or receiving a cease and desist and you feel like it's only a matter of time. And you're worried about the cost, good lawyers are expensive right?

We get it, we know how scary being in business can be.

Hi, I'm Lucy

 I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs across all different stages of business; from those who are starting a side-hustle and thinking of leaving their 9 to 5, up to those who are creating businesses which operate and run like clockwork, providing the freedom they desire. 

Because that's why you're here right?

You want to know that you're doing the right thing by your clients, but you also want security. You don't want to lose it all.

I know how hard it is to set up your own business and put everything on the line.

All of the late nights, the sacrifices and the commitment. It's all for nothing if you don't protect what you're creating.

That's why I created Legal in my Pocket. Created especially for passionate entrepreneurs who want to make life simpler. 

Whereas other elements of business are a nice to have - professional photographs, a super sleek website - having all of the legal elements in place is a legal requirement (as obvious as that may sound). 

You have no choice as to whether or not you do it, but you do have a choice about how simple and easy you make it.

I'd love for you to join the membership so that I can support you and your business. 

Lucy x

With Legal in my Pocket you can:

  • Join weekly Q&As with a lawyer or subject matter expert;

  • Attend monthly legal/business workshops or drafting co-working sessions;

  • Promote your business in monthly networking sessions;

  • Get a 20% discount on Lucy Legal templates;

  • Have access to on-demand "how-to" videos through our app.


Here's what Francesca thinks of Legal In My Pocket

Legal in my Pocket - The Legal Toolkit for Entrepreneurs

Legal in my Pocket is an app based community and membership created especially for entrepreneurs who know that they need support with protecting their business and want to do so with ease. They want to find the answers they need quickly at the touch of a button on their phone.

The Legal in My Pocket App streamlines information, getting rid of the fluff so that you can quickly take action.

Need to stop a copycat? The App includes got a step-by-step guide of how to handle that. Have you received a refund request? Follow the simple steps to work out whether you're legally required to give someone their money back.

Instead of trawling the Internet looking for answers or asking acquaintances in business Facebook groups who probably aren't qualified to answer, you can get the answers and support you need at the click of a button and speak to a qualified lawyer to get your questions answered. 


Since the launch of Legal in my Pocket in May 2022 we have been welcoming and supporting our new members and helping them to protect their businesses and they really love it.


Ally said: "I LOVE IT ... no brainer. It's worth it's weight in gold"

Gem said: "Highly recommend. Lucy is so helpful"



Legal in My Pocket is a monthly subscription service. You will get access to: 

1. A Legal Toolkit - Legal resources, including videos; 

2. Monthly Q&As with a qualified UK based lawyer, HR Consultant, Accountant or other subject matter expert;

3. Access to a community group of entrepreneurs for structured networking sessions - including the opportunity to spotlight your own business;

4. A 20% discount code to use across all templates in the Lucy Legal Template Shop.

**IMPORTANT: You won't have your own lawyer and you won't get legal advice. Everything that we share is legal information, BUT all of the specialists at the Q&As are qualified specialists and we can connect you to a UK regulated law firm should you need additional support.



Stop worrying about making mistakes and say hello to a clear pathway to legal protection.

Join the membership now and benefit not only from having a legal toolkit at your fingertips but get access to a qualified lawyer each month to ask questions and get a 20% discount of all legal templates in the Lucy Legal Shop for as long as you're a subscriber. This means that if you want to purchase our Get Legit Legal Essentials document bundle which retails at £397, you'll save almost £80 on that purchase alone, not to mention access to all the other resources and benefits the membership offers. 


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We are absolutely thrilled to welcome business owners across all specialisms from dance theatre school owners to business coaches, handwriting experts to copywriting extraordinaires, there are a wide range of business owners in Legal in my Pocket. This means, not only do we have a broad range of questions and support offered, there is a huge amount of expertise in the group to help you too. Some who have subscribed are just starting out in their businesses whereas others have been running their businesses for over 10 years and have already scaled to multi-six figures.  

Francesca said: "You have literally changed my world and the way I do business, every entrepreneur needs you in their life!!"

We cannot wait for you to join!

I want this

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Legal In My Pocket:

The On Demand Legal Toolkit

The monthly membership is £44 per month and there is no minimum joining period. 

Here's what you get:

The videos are all available to watch through your phone (through the Kajabi app which is Android and Apple supported) through the app OR on your desktop. 

Join us today and you'll get access to all of the videos and the toolkit, access to a lawyer each month to ask questions AND a discount of 20% off all legal templates in the template shop.

Plus monthly workshops which take you through specific key legal processes e.g. applying for a trade mark. 

We asked our current members what they love, they said:

"the Q&A sessions and time with Lucy"

"the discount code!"

"I love the idea of the networking and having the opportunity to ask drafting questions"

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