Do I Need a Trade Mark?

A short, easy to follow cheat-sheet

As a busy entrepreneur, the last thing you want to happen right now is for you to share your offer into the world and then for someone to send you a cease and desist because you're accidentally using the name which they've protected.


Super awkward.


Not to mention very expensive and a huge waste of time.


So what can you do about it?

I've created a short, easy to follow cheat-sheet which walks you through what you need to know:


☑️What is a trade mark?


☑️Are trade marks and copyright the same thing?


☑️What you can register (and what you can't)?


☑️When you need to apply for a trade mark?


☑️What happens if you leave it too late?

Grab the cheat-sheet now to avoid wasting all of your hard work and to find out if you can officially protect your business with a trade mark.

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