It’s Time to Trade Mark

Imagine if you could protect the future of your business, elevate your brand and make your business more valuable and do it all without spending too much money.

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Imagine this scenario...


You’ve just finished a course launch which went really well.

You wake up, open Instagram and have a new message request. It’s from another business owner demanding that you cease and desist and immediately stop using the name of your course because they have the name trade marked. They are also considering starting legal proceedings and a passing off claim to claim the profits you just made from your launch.

What would you do?

Having the trade mark means you can feel protected & reassured because you have protected your idea and you feel more confident in your marketplace positioning.

You know you have that little ® and therefore the legal trade mark to protect your brand.

I think I know what you’re thinking.

Yeah, that sounds great Lucy but there is no way I can do that as a start-up. Trade marks are for big brands and big budgets.

What if you were wrong?

What if you could learn how to file for a trade mark for less than £100 and once you had that knowledge use it over and over again to secure trade marks and brand protection for every course, programme, mastermind and business name?

Well you can.

It’s time to protect your business without the overwhelm and without breaking the bank.




Five mini training videos where you will be taken step by step through the application process of how to file for a trade mark. 

File for your trade mark in 5 days

5 Mini Training Videos

The confidence to apply for your trade mark

What have our past students said about How to Get a Trade Mark?

"Legal jargon is not my strong point and I found this course delivered enough information for me to able to confidently file for my trademark. "

"The course was extremely helpful for me as I went from not having a clue to being able to file my own application."


"I have successfully filed my trademark by the end of the course week and my trademark is now registered which I'm really happy about! "


The Detail: What’s Involved?

During this mini-course you will:

  • Module One: Decide what you want to trade mark and establish whether you can by law trade mark that name or idea

  • Module Two: Find out how to check for the availability of a mark and ensure no-one else has already registered

  • Module Three: Choose the class and draft the class specification

  • Module Four: Have a step-by-step video guide to file for your trade mark

  • Module Five: Understand how to manage any objections from the IPO and how to protect your trade mark when granted from others copying you.

  • Have a step by step process which you can use straight away or come back to next time you want to register for a trade mark for any course, programme or mastermind.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for business owners to be taken step by step through the application process of how to file for a trade mark.

From the moment you think of a new course name or business idea you need to be thinking about a trade mark. Even if you don’t want to obtain a trade mark to protect your own business as a minimum you need to ensure that you aren’t committing a legal offence by infringing on someone else’s mark.

The online business world is fast moving and getting there first, with the correct brand protection is key. A trade mark is a business asset. It allows you to have an element of brand security. Without a trade mark there is always a worry that the next time you look in your inbox you will receive a cease and desist letter from someone requesting that you stop trading immediately."

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How to Get a Trade Mark


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Frequently Asked Questions


Please be aware that this mini-course will include information only. No bespoke advice will be given.

Please also be aware that the Intellectual Property Office and other organisations do run free workshops should that suit your business needs better at this time.

On completing this workshop you should feel more confident about obtaining your own trade mark, you will NOT receive a trade mark at the end of the workshop and no guarantees are made as to the availability of your chosen mark. All decisions are granted by the Intellectual Property Office and their decision is final.