Template legal documents for New Business Owners

If you’re new to the world of business and looking for great starter bundles, then you're in the right place

We have two fantastic legal bundles to make sure you're meeting the UK mimimum legal requirements

Starter Documents Bundles

Designed with all all business owners in mind, Get Legit® Legal Essentials is one of our most popular bundles. It covers your mimium legal requirements in the UK. 

If you need a little more, Get Legit® Starter Kit includes all the documents from Get Legit® Legal Essentials as well as a Terms of Business document to give to clients when beginning to work together.

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Get Legit® Legal Essentials

Cover your minimum legal requirements in the UK inlcuding a Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms & Conditions


Get Legit® The Starter Kit

Everything from Get Legit® Legal Essentials plus Standard Terms of Business 


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