Your Legal Journey

One thing I hear more than anything else is


“I know I need to legally protect my business but I just don’t know where to start”


That concern comes from people who are new to business or who are thinking of setting up. It also comes from six and seven figure business owners, where a business idea has grown quicker than they had ever imagined and they suddenly find themselves feeling a little vulnerable without the legal protection in place that they need.


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So, where should you start?


And what do you do if you have no money and can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on legal fees?

To help you get started with confidence and without breaking the bank, I’ve created this roadmap below to help you see a clear path through your legal journey.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from 'just starting out' to fuilly fledged CEO and there is often a familiar journey


Keep scrolling to take a look- where are you on the path?

Step 1. The New Entrepreneur

Congratulations! You've just announced to your family and friends that you're starting a business! You need to ensure you have covered off the legal basics and you're ready to sell legitimately when you land your first client.

I've created a bundle that does exactly this- terms and conditions which you can personalise, a UK compliant privacy policy and cookie policy for your website and disclaimers. 

It's the perfect starter bundle and you can spread the payments

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Step 2. Up & Running

You're out the starting gates and have clients. You're defining your services and products and you're ready to revisit your legals now you're sure of your offering. 

You're ready for a industry-specific contract with tailored clauses to suit coaches, social media managers, cake makers and more- we've got you covered!

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Step 3. Copycats!

You've worked so hard on your business and people have noticed that you're onto a good thing, and that's when you start to get copycats. 

It's time to think seriously about protecting your brand.

One of the best ways that you can do this is by obtaining a trade mark. I can help you with a done-for-you fully managed service or a DIY course which walks you through the steps.

Click the button below to check out how Lucy Legal can support you or grab a free guide if you're not sure what you need!


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Step 4. Launch a group programme

You're ready to launch a group programme or membership to create an even bigger impact.

This is an exciting time for you! Courses and memberships have their own set of important terms to make sure you protect both yourself as the business owner and your clients.

I want the course terms

Step 5. Get Legit®

You're feeling a CEO more each day and you've navigated your way through some tricky aspects of setting up and running your business.

One thing which has come apparent, is the gaps in your legal knowledge which can leave you feeling exposed. 

You're ready to learn more about GDPR and the ongoing tasks for legally running a business.

You want to Get Legit® In all areas of your business, from copycats to sales terms and from refunds to affiliate collaborations- we've got you covered in our signature course

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