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One thing I hear more than anything else is “I know I need to legally protect my business but I just don’t know where to start”. That concern comes from people who are new to business or who are thinking of setting up. It also comes from six and seven figure business owners, where a business idea has grown quicker than they had ever imagined and they suddenly find themselves feeling a little vulnerable without the legal protection in place that they need.

So, where should you start?

And what do you do if you have no money and can’t afford to spend thousands of pounds on legal fees?

To help you get started with confidence and without breaking the bank, I’ve created a series of questions for you to follow through a flow diagram so that you can work out where you need to start, what you need first and where best to spend your money.

I Want The Flow Diagram

One of the great things about the flow diagram is it also includes a brilliant checklist which explains in more detail the legal elements of setting up a business, including registering a business with Companies House, when you need to set up as a limited company and also tips about trade marks, copyright and contracts.

Created for business owners who provide coaching services and can easily be personalised by you if you offer 1:1 coaching.

Do you need legal protection for your business but you don’t know where to start?