The Business CoachingBundle - Luxe


or 2 monthly payments of £498.50

This bundle has been created for business coaches who offer coaching or training in person and online.

The bundle contains a full coaching contract with example clauses as to how services will be delivered.

There is also a template Standard Terms of Business for you to send to clients outlining the terms of your services for services such as a one-off coaching session or power hour.

In addition to the contractual documents there are also a number of other documents which you will need to support you in your business (see below)

The Luxe Coaching Bundle is different to the Lite Coaching Bundle because it also includes:

  1. A Non-Disclosure Agreement

  2. A Content Release Form

  3. The Course and Membership Bundle

  4. Competition Terms and Conditions

  5. A Checklist with 3 monthly and 6 monthly legal tasks to support you to stay on track with legally protecting your business.

The Lite Bundle does not include any of these additional documents. If purchased individually the documents would cost in excess of £600.

In addition to the contracts and items 1 to 5 above, the Luxe bundle contains terms of use for your website including:

  • A GDPR compliant Privacy Policy

  • An Intellectual Property clause

  • Disclaimers

  • Refund Policy, including wording for digital downloads

  • Cookies Policy

You are purchasing a template document this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice.

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