The Course and Membership Bundle

If you've ever worried about someone joining your programme, downloading all of your content and then cancelling their membership, these terms will set you up for success. Including refund terms, protection for your content, group conduct and confidentiality, there is no surprise that this template is one of our best sellers. 

This bundle includes two template legal documents drafted for those wishing to launch either a course or a membership and includes. The documents are similar so we included them in one bundle, but created separate versions so that they are easier to use.

What’s Inside?

Both templates includes clauses relating to:

· The specifics of your course and what you will deliver;

· What you won’t deliver (just as important so that your clients are clear);

· Payment, refund and cancellation terms;

· Intellectual property and jurisdiction clauses; and

· Support information such whether there is a community group or live training element.

You are purchasing a template document this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice.



This bundle is for you if you’re looking to protect your business with clear membership or course terms.

This bundle includes templates which cover:

1.       Membership Terms - course outline and specification, delivery of course material, disclaimers, refunds, cancellations and warnings about privacy of information shared in a group setting. 

2. Course Terms - drafted for those looking to run either a self-study course or a course which provides support and guidance. The template includes clauses describing the terms of the course, what will be delivered and the outcomes which can be expected.

3. The bundle also includes drafting guidance notes so that you can make bespoke alterations to suit your business.


Why do I need these documents?

There are lots of reasons but here’s three:

1.       It’s the law – There are laws which require information to be provided to your clients, such as their right to a refund.

2.       To protect your business – You want to focus on delivering fantastic services but there are other elements to running a successful business too and it is important that you are clear on your terms, what you can deliver and what you can’t so that you attract the right people.

3.       To set the framework between you and your clients– In a course or membership setting you will have an ongoing relationship with your clients, some may even become friends. It is helpful at the outset of any business relationship to set the parameters by which you will be working. 



Our contracts don't just protect you legally, they also help give you peace of mind and confidence.

Here's some feedback from two 

Course & Membership Bundle purchasers Rebecca and Rhiannon ... 


  1. You are purchasing a template document this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice.

  2. On purchase you will be sent a link to access your documents immediately.  At the point of purchase, you are confirming your express consent to receiving the download immediately. In agreeing to receive the download at the point of purchase you will lose your right to cancel and your right to a refund should you change your mind so please consider your purchase carefully before placing it.

Should you have any questions about your purchase we will be happy to assist.

Clear, easy to use plus guidance notes as standard

Almost every single entrepreneur feels a little out of their depth with legal documents. That's we created "Drafting Notes" which are included in every document bundle. 

You'll find a short PDF of guidance notes within the bundle to support you to edit and personalise your template documents to suit the way you run your business. The guidance notes explain which parts of the template you should amend and which parts you definitely shouldn't alter as those clauses are legally required.

This is what Francesca had to say about her Course & Membership bundle


What happens after I purchase?

Following successful purchase of this template you will be emailed with access to Kajabi, which is the online portal where your template will be stored. This means that you'll easily be able to find the documents and access them wherever and whenever you need them, even if you're not on your device.

Is there any guidance with the documents and what format are they in?

The template legal documents are Word documents and there are short PDF 'Drafting Notes' guidance booklets (less than 10 pages) for some of the templates within the bundle.

Before publishing the templates onto your site or using them to send to clients you will need to edit them for your business. The templates have square brackets where you need to enter your company information or chose an option e.g. to include or delete if these do not apply to your site, these sections have been highlighted for ease of use. By the time your template is ready to upload to your site there should be no square brackets remaining.

You should also read the ‘Drafting Notes’, not only will these help you to consider how to best protect your business but they also highlight some of the key elements and specific wording which reflect statutory requirements. These sections are mandatory and should not be changed.

It is anticipated that you will have reviewed and finalised your document within 30 minutes.

What happens if the law changes?

You might be surprised to hear that the law doesn't change that often. Rest assured that if things change, the law or just best practice, we will update our templates so that the latest most up-to-date and compliant version is always available for you in your Kajabi portal,

Is there anything else I should know?

If you have any doubts about editing or using this template you should seek professional legal advice.