Website Terms and Conditions


Looking for a set of terms and conditions to outline the legal requirements for the operations of your business website?

The Website Terms and Conditions provide you with a template document for use on your website to make sure the legal stuff is covered in respect of customers and third parties using your website.



What’s included

This bundle includes a template set of website terms and conditions which outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of your business and those using your website.

The bundle also includes drafting guidance notes so that you can make bespoke alterations to suit your business.


How to use the Website Terms and Conditions

Following successful purchase of this bundle you will have access to your documents via your personal portal.

The product includes a template set of website terms and conditions which you can review and amend to include your own business details.

Before using the template you will need to edit them for your business.

The template has square brackets where you need to enter your company information or chose an option e.g. to include or delete if these do not apply to your business, these sections have been highlighted for ease of use. By the time your template is ready to upload to use there should be no square brackets remaining.

You should also read the ‘Drafting Notes’ for each template not only will these help you to consider how to best protect your business but they also highlight some of the key elements and specific wording which reflect statutory requirements. These sections are mandatory and should not be changed.

It is anticipated that it will take you no more that 30 minutes to review and finalise your template for use within your business.

If you have any doubts about editing or using this template you should seek professional legal advice.




  1. You are purchasing a template document this does not create a solicitor client relationship and the template is not to be construed as legal advice.

  2. On purchase you will be sent a link for a direct download.  At the point of purchase, you are confirming your express consent to receiving the download immediately. In agreeing to receive the download at the point of purchase you will lose your right to cancel and your right to a refund.

Should you have any questions about your purchase we will be happy to assist.