Template legal documents for Coaches

If you’re about to sign your first client or you’ve been coaching for a while but really want to get your legal documents in place, we can help

We have a range of different legal bundles especially for coaches, from starter kits to more bespoke bundles.

Welcome to The Luxe Collection

The documents in The Luxe Collection are personalised for the specific coaching specialisms. There are bundles for business coaches, soul-led coaches and wellness professionals. The bundles cover all of your offerings from 1:1 work to  courses and memberships.

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Business Coaches

The Luxe Coaching Bundle


Soul Led Coaches

The Luxe Coaching Bundle


Wellness Coaches

The Luxe Coaching Bundle


Personalised Templates for All Coaches

If you're looking for legal documents which have been designed with all coaches in mind, look no further. The Coaching Bundle includes all of your minimum legal requirements as well as The Coaching Agreement.

If you just need a coaching contract then The Coaching Agreement can be purchased by itself.

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The Coaching Bundle

Everything from the Get Legit® Legal Essentials bundle plus The Coaching Agreement


The Coaching Agreement

A template contract designed specifically for coaches working 1:1 with their clients


Starter Documents

Designed with all all business owners in mind, Get Legit® Legal Essentials is one of our most popular bundles. It covers your mimium legal requirements in the UK.


If you need a little more, Get Legit® Starter Kit also includes a Terms of Business document to give to clients when beginning to work together.

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Get Legit® Legal Essentials

Cover your minimum legal requirements in the UK inlcuding a Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy and Terms & Conditions


Get Legit® The Starter Kit

Everything from Get Legit® Legal Essentials plus Standard Terms of Business 


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