The Super Bundle has ARRIVED


This is for you if you want it all.


If you're someone who likes to have everything covered and the most comprehensive package then the Super Bundle is the product for you.

The Super Bundle includes:

  • Every legal template and bundle available on our website;

  • Every training course available on our website;

  • Lifetime access to our membership, Legal In My Pocket ®


Getting our legal templates PLUS access to our membership where you get weekly Q&As means that you'll get the support and reassurance you need that you're doing things the right way.


And if you aren't we'll help you to.


You'll get clear steps to protect your business and the documentation to do it simply.


If you're looking for a simple, comprehensive

but easy-to-implement way

to legally protect your business and all of your hard work,


The Super Bundle is for you.  


If you already know that you want this...

Grab It Now!

How will this bundle make my business more successful?


Great Question.


The Super Bundle is an investment in your business for now and for the future.


You'll get all of our legal templates and all of our courses which means you'll have all of the key documents that a business needs to run successfully, from contracts with clients and service providers, to privacy policies, checklists and employment contracts.

You'll have access to all of the templates which we have in the entire template shop.


 Our aim with the Super Bundle is to do everything we can to ensure that are confident, protected and that nothing can take away your hard work.

We've broken everything down, made the material clear, simple to understand and easily actionable with checklists and legal documents so that you can fill in the gaps.


PLUS the key difference with the Super Bundle is that you'll get ongoing access to our team as part of our membership, Legal in my Pocket.

If you're someone who isn't really sure where to start, or why you might need a specific clause, or heck, why you might even need a contract in place for something at all, then the membership will help.


The membership gives you access to the weekly Q&As - you can ask questions such as:

- what to do if you get a refund request

- how to onboard clients with your contracts

- how to handle clients who 'ghost' you

and so much more


But let's be honest, you're not in this for the checklists. 


With our courses you'll again, get access to everything including our signature course, Get Legit.

Get Legit is different because every step of the way you have access to pre-recorded videos created by a UK qualified solicitor explaining how things work to make sure that your business is properly protected. 

This isn’t your traditional course or membership.

The focus is on getting really clear on the legal gaps in your business, and establishing how you can effectively and efficiently ensure that you aren't leaving yourself open to losing it all.

Get Legit will give you the peace of mind so that you can close your laptop on a Friday afternoon and not worry that a refund request will be in your inbox on Monday morning.

It will help you to stop playing small and allow you to confidently shout about your offers knowing that you're protected and you aren't missing something.


Imagine if legal no longer felt scary, overwhelming or something that you dreaded tackling in your business.

Get The Bundle Now

Why should I get the Super Bundle?


The Super Bundle gives you a lot of legal documents but it's also so much more than that.


It will give you peace of mind.


It's an opportunity to simply plug and play templates into your business saving you huge amounts of time.


You'll get:

  • Access to pre-recorded videos to help you to understand how to draft a contract, teach you when you need to give a refund, walk you through the trade mark application process, send a cease and desist, help you to get paid on time and avoid complaints and refunds.

  • The essential legal documents you need to make preparing your contracts and terms super simple;

  • Updates - and this is a big one - once you subscribe to the Super Bundle, we'll keep the content updated, with no additional fees or charges, so that's one less thing for you to worry about. 

What have our clients said about Lucy Legal®?

"I knew it was exactly what I needed to feel confident I was running my business legitimately."

"One of the best investments I've ever made in my business. This has truly helped me."

"It's given me the confidence.

I'm so glad I have this knowledge now."


It's time now to ... 

Stop feeling anxious about the legal elements of running a business

Stop feeling like you're out of your depth, or like you're not running a proper business.

Stop feeling worried about making legal mistakes that could make you look like an amateur and impact your reputation or damage your relationship with your clients

Forget that feeling of being overwhelmed when you just don’t know where to start with it all.

Instead, choose the easy option where you can simply grab a template and personalise it for your business.

For far too long legally protecting your business has been too expensive, too difficult to understand and also a little bit scary.

Not any more.

The Super Bundle is here to help you wave goodbye to any overwhelming feelings and help you start doing business with more confidence.


Who is this for?

Whether you're starting out or you've been in business for a while the super bundle will work for you.


Our Bundle Promise


With the Super Bundle, you'll get access to legal template documents, checklists and training material so that you have all of the key documents that you need to protect your business.


This bundle is like nothing else on the market.

We literally want to give you our templates, our hours of drafting work and years of experience defending clients and the claims they have faced, to make your life simpler and your business better protected.


Whenever we update our templates and courses, you'll get access to the new material, at no extra cost.


We cannot guarantee that the bundle has every single document that you'll ever need for your business.

We don't include documents about personal wills and probate or business property.

What we can guarantee is that if we have the documents, you can have access to them.


Get The Bundle Now



The Super Bundle is £5,000. 

You can find the breakdown of exactly what is within the Super Bundle and the individual costs of those items when purchasing separately below. 

We know that the introductory price of the Super Bundle is incredibly good value for money which helps us to deliver on one of our core business aims of providing affordable legal support to every entrepreneur. 



You can purchase the Super Bundle for:

1 x £5,000


5 x £1,000


Get The Bundle Now

The Super Bundle offers great value for money, and a huge discount compared to buying the documents or courses separately. 

***PLEASE NOTE: We do offer bundles and packages on our website where savings can be made. The Super Bundle is our most comprehensive bundle and with the introductory pricing you can get the biggest saving with the Super Bundle. 


Included in the Super Bundle are the following documents which retail on our website as individual items as follows:

  • Coaching Agreement £247
  • Service Provider Agreement £247
  • Course and Membership Terms & Conditions £197
  • Standard Terms of Business £197
  • Digital and Physical Product Sales Terms and Conditions £97
  • Website Terms and Conditions £97
  • Privacy Statement £97
  • Data Processing Agreement £47
  • Mastermind Agreement £197
  • Freelancer Agreement £197
  • Associate Agreement £197
  • Event and Retreat Terms & Conditions £147
  • Affiliate Agreement £147
  • Collaboration Agreement £147
  • Podcast & Content Release Form £47
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement £47
  • Competition Terms & Conditions £47
  • Refunds, Right and Responses £49
  • Director Employment Contract £147
  • Full Time Employment Contract £147
  • Part Time Employment Contract £147
  • Fixed Term Employment Contract £147
  • Zero Hours Employment Contract £147
  • Disciplinary Policy £47
  • Grievance Policy £47
  • Health and Safety Policy £97
  • Privacy Policy for Employee Data £97
  • Equal Opportunities Policy £47
  • Family Friendly Policy £97
  • Total value of individual templates: £3,615 


Included in the Super Bundle are all of our courses which retail on our website as individual items:

  • How To Get A Trade Mark £99
  • How To Stop The Copycat £99
  • Leverage Your IP £101 (price reduced from website price to reflect course bundle) 
  • Set Up and Stay Legit £149
  • Sell Legit £99
  • Privacy and Data Protection £99
  • How To Draft Contracts £149
  • Scaling Your Business £299
  • Total value of individual courses: £1,094


Included in the Super Bundle is Lifetime Access to our Membership. By "lifetime" we mean that as long as the membership is running you'll have access. Membership is currently £44 per month.

  • 24 months/Two years of membership would cost: £1,056
  • 60 months/Five years of membership would cost: £2,640 (more than the introductory price of the Super Bundle) 


Also included in the Super Bundle are all of our industry specific legal document templates and bundles. Whilst some of these may not be relevant to your business, there are several that could be of interest if you are outsourcing certain elements of your operations and want to see what sort of terms and conditions you should expect to see in a contract from a third party service provider, such as:

  • Terms for Social Media Managers
  • Freelance Ads Manager Agreement
  • Copywriter Agreement
  • Terms for Virtual Assistants.

There are over a dozen industry specific products included with the Super Bundle, which if bought separately would cost over £3,000.


If you were to purchase all of the templates and courses individually and have just two years in the membership, this would cost you over £8,765.

You can get the Super Bundle for £5,000 or spread the cost with 5 x £1,000 payments at no extra cost to you.



More wonderful words about Lucy Legal® products

"These terms are AMAZING!"

"Lucy's drafting notes are crystal clear"

"Worth every penny and then some"

Option 1 - Pay in Full 

Super Bundle - Pay in Full


  • All of our legal templates
  • All of our courses
  • Lifetime membership to Legal In My Pocket
  • Pay in full in one payment today

Option 2 - Payment Plan 

Super Bundle - 5 month payment plan


5 monthly payments

  • All of our legal templates
  • All of our courses
  • Lifetime membership to Legal In My Pocket
  • Spread the cost
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