Imagine If ...

You had clear, simple to understand contracts to ensure you got paid on time and avoided refund requests;


You knew how to stop copycats or people stealing your work;


You felt like a "proper" business owner and you knew how to set up your company to operate professionally;


You had a trade mark and knew how to use that and copyright to protect your brand;


You knew how to legally future proof your business to grow, scale and create a secure future


Get Legit The Course does this and more.

You'll get the support and reassurance you need that you're doing things the right way.


And if you aren't we'll help you to.


You'll get clear steps to protect your business and the documentation to do it simply.


If you're looking for a simple, comprehensive

but easy-to-implement way

to legally protect your business and all of your hard work,


Get Legit The Course is for you.  


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How will this course make my business more successful?


Great Question. This is not a course that we want you to invest in and not get the results. 

Far from it.

We're going to do everything we can to ensure that are confident, protected and that nothing can take away your hard work.

We've broken everything down, made the material clear, simple to understand and easily actionable with checklists and legal documents so that you can fill in the gaps.


But let's be honest, you're not in this for the checklists. 


Get Legit is different because every step of the way you have a lawyer explaining how things work to make sure that your business is properly protected. 

This isn’t your traditional course or membership. The focus is on getting really clear on the legal gaps in your business, and establishing how you can effectively and efficiently ensure that you aren't leaving yourself open to losing it all. Get Legit will give you the peace of mind so that you can close your laptop on a Friday afternoon and not worry that a refund request will be in your inbox on Monday morning.

It will help you to stop playing small and allow you to confidently shout about your offers knowing that you're protected and you aren't missing something.


Imagine if legal no longer felt scary, overwhelming or something that you dreaded tackling in your business.

What is it?

Get Legit The Course, is our signature course, but it's also so much more than that.

It's step-by-step support to get you set up and running a legitimate business. 

You'll get:

  • Access to pre-recorded videos to help you to understand how to draft a contract, teach you when you need to give a refund, walk you through the trade mark application process, send a cease and desist, help you to get paid on time and avoid complaints and refunds.
  • The essential legal documents you need to make preparing your contracts and terms super simple;
  • Updates - once you subscribe to the course, we'll keep the course updated, with no additional fees or charges, so that's one less thing for you to worry about.

What have our past students said about Get Legit®?

"I wanted to make sure that I was following all the legal requirements of running my business so when Lucy launched her Get Legit The Course I knew it was exactly what I needed to feel confident I was running my business legitimately."

"I have found it so useful, and it's given me the confidence to know that there are simple steps I can take to ensure I am starting my business in the right way.

I'm so glad I have this knowledge now."

"I have enjoyed the course immensely and you made the legal obligations of business owners an interactive, fun learning experience, with tangible, real life examples which really hit home...

You even made GDPR enjoyable!"


It's time now to ... 

Stop feeling anxious about the legal elements of running a business

Stop feeling like you're out of your depth, or like you're not running a proper business.

Stop feeling worried about making legal mistakes that could make you look like an amateur and impact your reputation or damage your relationship with your clients

Forget that feeling of being overwhelmed when you just don’t know where to start with it all

For far too long legally protecting your business has been too expensive, too difficult to understand and also a little bit scary.

Not any more.

Get Legit® The Course is here to help you wave goodbye to any overwhelming feelings and help you start doing business with more confidence


The Detail: What’s Involved?

The support and guidance to finally focus on key aspects of legally protecting your business. In addition to pre-recorded videos you'll also get access to our much loved and easy to use legal templates.

The training will cover:

  • How to set up in business - covering limited companies and being a sole trader.

  • The legal elements of selling - authentically and legitimately selling online, which terms to use, which terms to avoid, disclaimers, when you need to provide refunds and the different wording required for sales made online, in person or as an electronic download, what to do to protect your business from having to give automatic refunds

  • How to protect your clients - GDPR - what you must do by law and how to ensure you stay up-to-date post-Brexit

  • How to protect your business - Copyright and trade marks and how to stop people copying you

  • Contracts - what you need to include and why, we will go through a contract step by step

  • Scaling your business - running legitimate collaborations, affiliate programmes and expanding your team 

  • Staying Legitimate - The ongoing legal tasks for running a business

For the full terms and conditions of this course, including the details about our refunds and cancellation policy please see our Terms of Sale.

Our Course Promise


With Get Legit, you'll get access to the legal documents and training material so that you have everything you need to protect your business.


We'll give you the templates and support you need to legally protect your business.

This course is like nothing else on the market - we literally want to give you our templates, our hours of drafting work and years of experience to make your life simpler and your business better protected.

Whenever we update our templates and courses, you'll get access to the new material, at no extra cost.

Join The Course Now


As well as getting access to 6 modules of training (available to purchase separately for in excess of £1,000), you'll receive almost £400 worth of legal documents through Get Legit® Legal Essentials one of our best selling bundles.

To purchase the elements of this course separately would be approximately £1,500. 

Get Legit The Course is £997:

1 x £997


5 x £199.40

 Your essential legal document pack will include:

  • Simple terms and conditions to provide to clients for setting out your services
  • Terms and Conditions for selling from your website (physical and digital products) including wording for refunds, returns and cancellations including refunds for digital downloads
  • Terms for your website covering copyright, limitation of liability and disclaimers
  • A Cookies Policy
  • A GDPR compliant Privacy Policy
  • With the option to upgrade at the checkout to add more legal templates

Just look what one of our recent course members had to say!!

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MODULES 1 & 2: Setting Up Your Business and Selling Legitimately

Where on earth do you start with legal? Great question and one we get asked multiple times a day, every day. It's okay not to know where to start, it's not okay to leave it that way. You need to understand your options around being a sole trader or a limited company. You need to know important tax deadlines. You need to ensure that you've got a clear list of legal protection you need (privacy policy, cookies policy, T&Cs, trade marks etc) and you need a plan to put them in place. 

The online world is full of people selling their products and services but not all of those who are selling are doing so in accordance with the law. The first two weeks of Get Legit® The Course will be spent focusing on: refund terms (for online and in person products and services and digital downloads), cancellation policies, selling terms such as how much you are permitted to change the scope of your launch during the launch itself and how to properly market in accordance with the law in respect of disclaimers and sales descriptions.

All too often people use phrases such as “No refunds” or “No contract” in their marketing and they don’t understand the legal implications of doing so. In many circumstances, customers are entitled to a refund and by saying ‘no refund’ a business can open themselves up to problems. Similarly, when people put ‘no contract’ they are failing to protect their intellectual property and creating situations where they aren’t properly protecting their clients.

We will cover the legal elements of selling online so that you can feel much more confident and so that your clients can put their trust in you and what you are offering.

MODULES 3 & 4: Protect Your Clients and Your Brand

One thing that frustrates almost every entrepreneur is when they spend monthly creating something really unique, investing both time and money, for someone to simply copy them!

Over two weeks we will cover the key elements to brand protection including copyright and also how you can protect your business by filing for a trade mark.

We will also focus on protecting your client and their data. The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) might sound like something which is really boring and possibly something that wasn’t necessary or relevant to your business, but did you know that you are legally required to have a privacy policy in place? You’re also legally obligated to protect the data of your clients and any potential customers whose personal information, such as their email address, which you have obtained? We will go through the key steps to help you understand what you need to put in place to be in compliance with the law.


Modules 5 & 6: Contracts and Scaling Your Team

In the final part of the course we will focus on contracts, taking the information covered in the first two parts of the course and considering how that can be implemented into a legal contract or agreement.

Over 500 entrepreneurs have invested in Lucy Legal templates and courses for their businesses but there is much more to protecting your business than just having a template in place. During the contract workshop we will discuss the various different contractual terms which you may wish to consider before contracting with a client.

When you're ready to scale your business, you'll need module 6. Whether you're looking to scale simply with collaborations and affiliate partners or you want to take on additional help with associates, freelancers or employees. This element of the course covers the key considerations you need to make - plus we've included a handy pricing calculation to see how much it will actually cost you to take on support in your business. 

Extra Support

We know that running a business is a juggling act. We set you up for success in this course by providing all of the material but we also know that you'll need extra support, guidance and our expert eyes on your business.

We actually really want you to complete the course and feel confident, relaxed and perhaps even happy about the legal elements of your business. That's why we are inviting you to join our membership, Legal in my Pocket. When you join the membership you'll get access to weekly Q&As so if anything has come up for you in the training videos or templates you can get supported in the membership. You'll also get access to workshops and additional training in the membership, including our really popular "Contract Clinic" sessions where you can bring your contract along and draft it with the opportunity to ask questions.

For our current promotion you'll get 5 months access to the membership for FREE!! That's a saving of £220!




“This is a unique opportunity for business owners to better understand the legal elements of running a business and how getting everything set up properly can really create a big sigh of relief.

Entrepreneurs from a huge variety of industries have been enjoying this course for over three years now. We've had PR experts, personal trainers, new coaches, experienced coaches and it has been such a great support for everyone. We have tweaked and improved the course since we first launched it so you always have access to the latest legal documents.

Committing to the course and having the videos means you get your legal stuff sorted.

All too often “sort legal stuff” stays on people’s to-do lists and they put it off because they don’t really know where to start.

Instead of spending hours trying to work things out on your own is not a good use of time which is so precious as an entrepreneur. That's why when you join Get Legit® The Course, you’ll by able to streamline the behind-the-scenes parts of your business and feel more confident.

You will finally know that what you have put in place will provide you and your business with the protection you need.

More wonderful words about Get Legit® The Course

"Everything was easy to follow and having the weekly office hours was an excellent addition."

"I now feel confident about being legitimate and knowing how to mitigate against potential situations arising"

"Lucy also had office hours for 1:1 support which I found so helpful so that I could ask questions that were coming up for me as I was taking action throughout the course."

Option 1 - Pay in Full 

Get Legit- Pay in Full


  • Essential Document Bundle (option to upgrade at the checkout)
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • Access to the membership hub for 6 months worth £220
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Option 2 - Payment Plan 

Get Legit Payment 5 Month Plan


5 monthly payments

  • Essential Document Bundle (option to upgrade at the checkout)
  • Step-by-step training videos
  • Access to the membership hub to ask questions and get support, for 5 months worth £220
  • Spread the cost
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