What if you can?

Jan 02, 2024

It's that time of year when you're going to hear a lot of people telling you to dream big. And that your wildest dreams could come true.

What if a moment you believed them?

What if you really did believe that your big dream could become a reality?


You won't though. 

I get it. It's hard to believe that making money online is possible. That relative strangers would find you and your business and invest in what you offer. 

Sometimes I wonder if it's a disbelief in the possibility of the thing itself happening that holds us back or the fear that we might fail. 

I've done a lot of things where I've worried I might fail. Climbing Kilimanjaro, trekking in the Artic Circle, attempting to cycle London to Paris in 24 hours when I hadn't ridden a road bike until a few weeks before, running my own business .. there's quite a list.



What if you could run your own business? Is it actually something that normal people do? Or is it reserved for just a few? It's hard to imagine that you could replace your corporate salary, support your entire family and have total time and location freedom.

I remember when that sounded like something out of reach. Something for someone who didn't have a mortgage to pay or a family to think about.


I would never believe it was possible for me. And yet the crazy thing is, that's my reality. 

It sounds even cheesier to write, "it started with a dream" (I actually did write that but I've edited this to say..) I always imagined that my life would be more fun.


I had a really big dream for freedom, that I would always work, because actually I love it, but that I'd be able to do so by spending my time working from the Alps if I wanted. Yet I had gotten myself 


And that I would do the work I enjoyed. I didn't want to quit my job and be a coach. 

I'm a lawyer, that's what I love and that's what I wanted to do. I love combining legal and business and creating wildly successful businesses for my clients. I can't believe that in just a few short years my business and what I've created has become one of the most trusted providers of legal support services so much so that the trust and belief in what my business does and what it can achieve for others has changed my life. And all because I put fear to one side and gave running a business a chance.




But how could I make a living doing something that I loved, without dancing and pointing on social media and whilst still maintaining a professional I loved?


Rewind to midnight on New Year's Eve 2020, my business had been running since May 2019 and I was making a few sales here and there. I had no idea what would happen next. No, not the obvious 2020 curveball but that by the end of the year I would have left a job I loved and gone full time in my own business and that I had already filed the application forms to set up a second business, my own law firm. 


Spoiler alert, fast forward to now and the work I do creates a huge ripple effect. I support people to get the legal elements of their business in place, they feel more confident, more secure, safe in the knowledge they can build a business and they're not going to lose it all by getting sued, taken to court or ripped off. Instead of trying to figure the legal stuff out, I show them the shortcuts, they find life much simpler and they focus on the parts of their business they love. It's a huge win and a huge ripple effect as their business starts to grow and they make a positive impact on the world. 


The really exciting thing is, that whilst I find it hard to believe that I have created a life that I adore, which has total flexibility (although full transparency, I do still spend a lot of time working!!) I know that this life is possible. I know how to make it possible for myself and for others too. I really hope that you're dreaming big, no bigger ... no even bigger still. I hope that you're reading this and thinking if it's possible for her then maybe it's possible for me too. And I want to help you to do it.


Tomorrow I'll be sharing how last year I had my biggest launch ever and also one of my smallest launches ever. And I'm grateful for both because I've learnt a lot from both of them. That strategy piece is so important and it's the difference between having your most successful year in business, which is also what happened last year and not. Also, just in case you're new around here, it might be helpful to know that I find talking about how much revenue the business makes really hard, so much so that I rarely ever do it. We did have our highest revenue year ever (more on the figures to come in the future) we also supported more people and, the big one for me, we had more FUN (capitalising 'fun' so you can see how important it was). That's what we're doing this year on an even bigger scale, I'm creating even more fun for you and me as I support you to legally protect your business. 


I'll be back tomorrow with how you can get involved with the fun, make sure that you don't miss out, pop your email address below.

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