What do I need on my website for disclaimers, guarantees and refunds?

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This blog post was first published on 25th Jan 2020

Having an online business is amazing for so many reasons but it also presents a different set of challenges compared to providing our products and services face to face.

When you’re selling online your website is your shop front. Imagine you’re walking down the high street and you see a shop where the windows need a wash, the products are scattered about on the floor and nothing really seems to have a place. The shop owner is at her door way and she greets you with a smile and says hello so you go in. As you begin to look around you realise that she has some amazing products and things that you have been looking for for ages. You pick a few things up off the floor and decide to buy them because if they end up not working properly you know you are legally entitled to a refund, repair or replacement.

As you walk away feeling confident that your purchase is protected you begin to think about your own business and your website. You sell your services online but it’s beginning to dawn on you that to the outside world your business might look a little bit like that shop.

You have no terms and conditions on your website telling people about their rights when using your site, the standard of service you provide, whether or not they can rely on you to get results and their rights to a refund. Your stomach drops a little as you start to research this and discover that if you don’t tell someone in writing about their right to a refund then you could be liable to provide one for a year later.

Luckily, this is just a hypothetical scenario. If you are worried that your business is not properly protected take a look at “Sell Legit”. I have created this bundle especially for you to help you get your business terms and conditions in order. The bundle includes:

  • Template terms and conditions for you to place on your website, covering:
    • Terms of Service
    • Disclaimers
    • Guarantees
    • Refunds
    • Intellectual Property clauses
  • A guidance note to support you to finalise the template for your own business
  • A Sales Tips sheet to help you feel more confident when selling online with tips on how to describe your offer. Did you know you can’t have a “Flash Sale” on a new product you have never sold before?
  • Your Privacy Statement - a legal requirement and something that all businesses must have by law.


How can I get these documents?


Our best selling bundle by far is Get Legit® Legal Essentials and it includes simple, easy-to-use legal templates covering all of the above. The templates are simple to download and personalise for your business. We know that getting legally protected feels like a big up-level for lots of entrepreneurs. We also know that without legally protecting your business you feel like you’re winging it. Not getting protected can feel like you’re constantly waiting for something to go wrong and that you don’t feel like a proper entrepreneur.

What are you waiting for? Go wash your shop windows!


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