Why worrying what others think is holding you back

May 02, 2023

Did you set up your business to help Sarah from your junior school? Or what about Julie from your last job, is she your ideal client? I am pretty sure that your old boss Debbie will never buy what you're selling, so why are you letting what they might think from stopping you from showing up in your business?

I remember when I first set up my business account and frantically trying to work out how to stop my new account being recommended to all of my friends on Facebook. I was excited to meet and help new people but the thought of what my friends would think made me feel so anxious to the point where I thought about giving up on the whole thing. I was embarrassed and thought people would think it was a silly idea. Who was I to set up a company and support other entrepreneurs to change their lives? 

It wasn't until a few months later that I took time to work through that question further. I began to realise that in reality I was exactly the person that needed to set up a new company and chase after my dreams because no-one else was going to do it for me. I began to understand that my happiness and success is actually down to me. It doesn't come from the degree I did or the choices I made when I was 18. It comes from the choices I make now. Just because I'd made life choices at 18, they didn't need to dictate the rest of my life. 

I really wanted to run my own business. I was just really worried about what other people would think and I know that's such a common feeling. 

The thing is there is an opportunity there waiting, you just need to be brave enough to give it a go because the reality is I bet Sarah, Julie and Debbie will secretly be wishing they were brave enough to give the being in business thing themselves. It's time to start showing up, it's time to take action and make your dream a reality.

If you need any help to do this I've got a brand new shiny page on the website to support you with the legal side of your business journey. I'd love you to take a look here. 

If there is anything else at all that I can do to support your business journey simply pop a comment below and let me know and don't forget to come and say hi on Instagram. I'm @lucy_legal if I'm not following you yet please let me know that you found this blog post and come and say hi. 

Don't forget to check out that new page on the website too - head to lucylegal.co.uk/start-here

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