How time out from your business can make it more successful

Nov 18, 2022

Sitting on a sun lounger on a white sandy beach whilst the waves lap up onto the beach has given me some space and time to think about what I want from Lucy Legal and just as importantly what I want Lucy Legal to provide to you. 

For a long time, Lucy Legal has been more than just a legal template shop. You can get legal terms and conditions to legally protect you business and you can also get one of our courses which support you to understand how to practically protect your business assets. In fact, How to stop the copycat - a short mini-course showing you how to protect yourself from people copying you and your options if someone does - continues to be one of our most popular courses.

May this year saw the birth of Legal in my Pocket, our fantastic community and membership which comes with an app so you can get legal support on the go. Perhaps more excitingly it has also provided an incredible networking space for entrepreneurs to share what's working and what isn't in their businesses right now. It's a place of transparency and support and a vital tool for anyone who wants to run their business legitimately whilst surrounded by other passionate entrepreneurs who are driven towards making their business a success. 

So what has the space from the day-to-day provided? Inspiration? Yes. Motivation? Yes. New ideas? No. The team will be thrilled and relieved to know that I'm not coming home with new ideas. I've analysed areas where we need to improve and I'm constantly striving for us to be industry leaders but honestly I couldn't be happier about the trajectory that Lucy Legal is on. 

We have an incredible immersive experience for you to join in the New Year which will take your business to the next level. It's nothing like anything experienced before and I haven't seen anyone doing this. This has been a long time in the planning and I can't wait for you to get involved. 

There are two things that have really become clear whilst I've been away and which you can use in your business to support you today. 

  1. Do the things you love - Time is so precious. If there are parts of your business you don't love, or parts of your life for that matter, change them. Don't wait for January, a Monday, or until the time is right - what one thing could you change in life or business today that would make you feel happier or make things run more smoothly?
  2. Focus on the needle moving tasks - Often we get so caught up in trying to make things perfect that we don't actually get out there and make the money we should. If I've learnt anything from almost 10 years running businesses it's that there are always going to be things to do behind the scenes but it's crucial, now more than ever, that you spend a proportionate amount of time on those when compared to doing the job. It's hard when you're wearing lots of hats I know. But stop doing the things that don't light you up (point 1) and in doing the things you love you're business will be stronger. 

Right, blogging over for today, the sunshine is calling, so it's time for me to get ten minutes alone in paradise before my little one wakes up from her nap.



One Thing Most People Dislike That Lucy Legal Can Help With

Chasing people for money that they owe you is probably up there with the least favourite tasks for any entrepreneur. After getting lots of requests for support, we have created a mini bundle of emails for you to keep and use as and when people default on payments. We only recently released it and already it's been snapped up by a huge number of people and I can totally understand why. It takes the stress out of trying to get paid and gives you the legal words and phrases you need so that you can ensure that you get paid. 

Grab it here - Refunds, Rights and Responses for less than £50, it's an absolute bargain given not only the peace of mind, time you'll save trying to get paid and also ensuring you're set up for success. 

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